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Our Special Approach: The Prosecution Style of Criminal Defense

Our method is simple: with over 5 years of multi-jurisdictional prosecutorial experience, The Law Office of Daris B Jackson offers a unique perspective on developing your criminal defense strategy. If you are facing criminal charges, need help filing a criminal complaint, or simply want more information on the process, let's have a conversation!

Demystifying Family Court: Pulling Back the Veil

The Law Office of Daris B. Jackson has over 10 years of experience with both the clerical and litigation aspects of the family court process! Principal Attorney Daris B. Jackson has worked as a family court assistant, and as a litigator, handling motions, hearings, and appeals. Find out how our firm can help you overcome the legal roadblocks in your family court matter...let's have a conversation!

What's the Idea Behind The "IDEA?"

The Individuals with Disabilities Act is a law, which ensures that children have access to a free and appropriate public education. But what happens if your child is not receiving the services they are entitled to under the law? By employing a multi-disciplinary approach to handling these cases, The Law Office of Daris B. Jackson can help you figure it out. Let's have a conversation!

Now That You Have Interests... PROTECT THEM!

Your interests can range from, and include, settling disputes with your landlord or leasing company, preparing for your future, making provisions for your loved ones, and protecting your business interests. The Law Firm of Daris B. Jackson offers an array of services to empower our clients to make sustainable choices. If you are at a point where protection is necessary, or if you are not sure where that point is... let's have a conversation!

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